Game Notes

1) Dark Fantasy – Think Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

2) Urban Campaign – The game will have continuity of setting (mostly).

3) Lethal/Brutal Combat – Combat is NASTY. Don’t pick a fight unless you KNOW you will win. A bad-ass warrior can quickly die when attacked by 5 thugs.

4) Low/Subtle Magic – Very few mages tossing fireballs.

5) Priests have POWER – See #3. A priest with 5 fanatics can ruin your day in a hurry.

6) PCs will start low level, probably young, probably dirty poor.

7) Low Tech – Bows and Crossbows. Black powder is almost unheard of.

8) True Names are important and hidden – No one ever goes by their True Name. If a wizard/mage ever knows your True Name, you’re fucked!

Party Concept

Band of Brothers – The PCs have known each other most if not all of their lives. They are basically a family.



Stormbringer stats: STR, DEX, CON, SIZ, INT, POW, CHA. Bonuses: -1 for every 2 points under 11, +1 for every 2 points over 10.

Skills: Vague skills similar to Savage Worlds, based on most appropriate stat. D20, need a 10 for most basic tests, plus 1 per rank plus stat bonus. Example: The Feral Kid has DEX of 18 (plus 4) and 3 ranks of Athletics (plus 3) for a total of plus 7. He can climb a normal wall on a roll of 3 or higher on D20.

HPs: CON + SIZ bonus.

Talents: Weird stuff. Advantages. Examples: Spellcasting (one school), Lucky, Tough.


In the shit-ive
D12 + DEX bonus. Highest goes first.

10 + Armor + Dodge or Parry skill

D20 + Fighting/Shooting/Throwing skill

Weapon base damage + possible STR bonus – possible armor

Gang up – Multiple attackers will add stacking bonuses
The drop – Surprise/backstab/defenseless will have lots of bonuses

Special Hits
Beat AC by 10 or more is a special hit

Critical Hits
Natural 20 followed by a “normal” hit is a critical

The Gathering Urban Campaign

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